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The "garage talk show" that is reaching out to Worldwide Usenet

Hosted by Harry Thomas

Listen To The Harry Thomas Show 11/17/07

Segment One    mp3   wma   911 news, Silverstein Confronted, HR 1955, Ron Paul
Segment Two  -   mp3   wma    Vaccination Drill, Big Brother, Police State Issues , UN given Control
Segment Three - mp3    wma   CHANGE Confronts Hannity, Clinton Exposed, Torture, NAU
Segment Four   -  mp3    wma    Human Cloning, Globalist Giuliani, Treason, Iran War, Miltia 
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Listen To The Harry Thomas Show 11/10/07

Segment One    mp3   wma   The Ron Paul Revolution is On
Segment Two  -   mp3   wma    Gulliani Exposed, 911 was an Inside Job 
Segment Three - mp3    wma   Global Warming Scam, The Dollar is Dying
Segment Four   -  mp3    wma    Exposing Clinton, Rockefeller, Beck, Pelosi and Bush as Evil Globalists
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Listen To The Harry Thomas Show 11/03/07

Segment One    mp3   wma   The Ron Paul Freedom Train and Why Mainstream Media Fears It
Segment Two  -   mp3   wma    911 was an Inside Job says many more Celebs, The 911 Co Intel Invasion
Segment Three - mp3    wma   The Real Immigration Agenda, Population Reduction Plans
Segment Four   -  mp3    wma    Impeaching Cheney Again ? , The Police State, Even More Missing Money
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The Harry Thomas Show - week in review is a 4 segment show. 

We have had tremendous response and we want to thank our Listeners.

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The Show is recorded on Saturdays
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"I don't like reading manuals can you break it down for me ?"

Sure, (a simple explanation)

Usenet (newsgroups) are (nttp) servers that are intertwined to share information that is posted to each server . This forms a worldwide network . The amount of groups and  time the information (posts) lasts depends on the server you use . The information is propagated from server to server until all servers hold the information. This is a very simple explanation to how this works but for those who are not "tech heads" it may prove valuable.

Most ISP's (internet service providers) have NNTP(Network News Transport Protocol) news servers. Go to your ISP's website to find out the server address or contact them and ask if they provide NNTP news service and what the address is. Alot of schools and businesses use this system (most are limited) and there are alot of commercial providers. I suggest starting with your ISP to see what they offer . I do know AOL (illuminati central) does not offer NNTP service. Roadrunner <yuck and most cable and DSL providers offer good service to their customers . Dial up ISP's vary in coverage and support but most are very useable. Verizon DSL has an outstanding newserver that's rates right up there with the best commercial packages. After you find out what your news server is (examples,, , news-server , Then find a news reader (outlook express sucks) there are many. I use the free and powerful X-NEWS . You will have to follow these easy instructions. Enter your information , retrieve the list of newsgroups and then see what newsgroups are carried. Find ones you are interested in subscribe(optional)and "retrieve the headers" . You will have to learn how to query up files and download . This is easy and a  good guide is found here.  You will find that this area of the internet looks very different than you are used to. If you need help you can e-mail me at  and I will try and assist you a little ( i'm not tech support remember) . Par files and Rar files are common place and you will need to learn how to use them. This only sounds complicated at first but it is like riding a bike. A little frustrating at first but in the end well worth the effort. There are tens of thousands of newsgroups and just about every bit of information available is being offered constantly somewhere. Warning lots of criminal activity does occur on the newsgroups. Please lurk for a while and become aware of how these groups work. WARNING Never post copyrighted or illegal material even though you will see thousands of people doing it. You will be tracked and traced. People who post questionable material have taken measures to hide their Identity. The news groups that The Harry Thomas Show are posted to regularly are pretty safe. Usenet is the wild wild west of the internet I do not suggest its use by children . It is very unregulated and you can find information on just about any topic (good or bad) .

suggested newsgroups below (remember always beware in any group and please have updated antivirus running) beware of spam , scams and sick porn. Most groups are cool , some are outright disgusting. Binary groups hold large files for downloading and most others are discussion groups full of  people from all over the globe.  Some groups are just dead.

Welcome to the vast world of Usenet enjoy:)

alt.binaries.great  ( lots of documentaries (history channel,)-HTS on Wednesdays.- also daily posts of Alex Jones , bill mayher <TV shows , gnc and rbn radio)

alt.binaries.multimedia.documentaries  (lots of documentaries on a whole range of topics) - The Harry Thomas Show on Wednesdays alt.binaries.documentaries                   (lots of documentaries on a whole range of topics)        

alt.binaries.multimedia                         (just about anything could pop up here)
alt.binaries.mp3                                  (just about anything could pop up here including The Harry Thomas Show on Wednesdays)

alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.spoken-word           (wide range of topics)

alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.books                        (just about anything has been known to be posted here)                                  (most radio shows are posted here daily plus some "vintage stuff")                         ((pretty much ANY radio show in existence is posted here daily including patriot radio)) HTS on Wednesdays.

alt.binaries.mp3.audiobooks.highspeed        ( wide range of stuff - it has been known to go "dead" from time to time)

alt.binaries.multimedia.repost                          (Find the repost of The Harry Thomas Show - Week In Review  on Saturdays)                      (Find the repost of The Harry Thomas Show - Week In Review  on Saturdays)                                            ( HUGE discussion group )

alt.usenet.kooks                                                  ( HUGE discussion group )
these are just a few groups believe me - do some exploring but be careful not to become ADDICTED

Usenet is older than the world wide web .  The history of Usenet is amazing and literally millions of people from all over the world use it daily as a form of communication and to share information freely.


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